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Car transportations



We provide vehicle transportation by truck and train, both within and between the Nordic nations and beyond. For longer stretches, we utilise rail transport wherever possible. Our customised range of car transportation solutions enables us to meet your specific needs.

Our trucks and railway wagons carry in excess of one million vehicles each year, making us the leading car carrier on the Scandinavian market. Our nationwide network of terminals enables us to handle both small and large volumes of vehicles, with transportation coordinated from sites in Södertälje, Göteborg and Halmstad in Sweden, Drammen in Norway and Fredericia in Denmark.

With our vehicle logistics solutions incorporating real-time tracking, our customers can always obtain the status of shipments to the nearest second. You can track the location of the vehicle and ascertain the time of delivery.

And if you need to transport cars in a covered carrier, we can provide a solution to meet your needs. Our special transportation enables cars to be carried securely and discreetly.
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To reinforce our extensive range of solutions, we also offer our customers international car transportation.
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•    We transport your car reliably and securely.
•    We provide car logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs.
•    We provide delivery of cars throughout the Nordic region and beyond.
•    No car carrier knows the Scandinavian market better than us.
•    Vehicle logistics with real-time tracking lets you know the location of the carrier.

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*All car logistics services are provided in accordance with NSAB 2015. It is incumbent on the customer to take out cargo owner’s insurance for their shipments.

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