HIGH & HEAVY - For the green transition

HIGH & HEAVY - For the green transition

After several years of development, tests, and test-loadings, Axess Logistics has, with the Austrian vehicle producer Kässbohrer, developed a High & Heavy-trailer that lives up to the high standards of our customers and drivers.

Fair Transport

Fair Transport

Congrats, SVEAB, on the re-certificate for FairTransport!

Update 16-17/2

Update 16-17/2

Friday 16/2 - Saturday 17/2 we will make an update. The work is expected to start at 16:00 on Friday and we hope to be finished by Saturday afternoon.

Axess Logistics


Axess Logistics great passion is cars and car transportations. We transport and customize cars for resellers. Two tasks we carry out with equal part quality and efficiency.

Using our tailored logistics solutions and unique infrastructure, we are the only ones who can offer a total solution of automobile logistics for importing vehicles into the Scandinavian market.

Our high capacity combined with out technical expertise has allowed us to become one of the market’s leading builders. Together, we make it possible to get you your custom car that is ready for delivery.

We work competently, efficiently and innovatively in a solutions-oriented manner. Always with clients’ needs front and centre, and we are with you from the initial contact through to the final delivery. With us, you’re always prepared.  


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On the contact page you will find our phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and addresses to our facilities. Contact us in the way that suits you best. We are here to answer your questions.

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