PDI - Pre Delivery Inspections

The obvious choice in a controlled flow

More than 300,000 factory-new vehicles pass through our locations in Sweden every year. Our services are performed as part of a flow that starts with the vehicle arriving by boat at our ports of entry where we receive most of the vehicles we sell in Sweden.

Axess Logistics has operations at four of the five ports where vehicles are imported into Sweden. PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is one of the many services Axess Logistics offers importers and brokers to ensure their vehicle delivery process runs as smoothly as possible.


We provide PDI services to the majority of brokers. We inspect the function of the vehicles and adapt them to the local requirements of the specific market. These are primarily products that the vehicle requires as standard on the Swedish market, but which are not fitted as standard when the vehicle leaves the factory. Here, Axess Logistics acts as the final stage of the vehicle manufacturing process, adapting the vehicle for Sweden. This could be placing a warning triangle, rubber mats and first aid kit in the car. Or it could be anti-theft marking, applying campaign stickers and so much more.


We can also install protective cladding, sound insulation and comfort heating as standard, plus a range of other options. Some of our locations can also offer rust-proofing. We can also offer full charging of electric vehicle batteries, including with green energy from our solar panels.


Axess can offer delivery services for many vehicles. This involves starting warranties and getting the vehicle ready for delivery to the end customer. We can also deliver direct to the end customer if desired.


Plus, we can help with customs and other administrative processes, such as COC documents.


Hiring Axess Logistics is a safe choice.We are experienced and our installations are developed together with the material suppliers.


*All services are performed in accordance with NSAB 2015. It is the customer’s responsibility to take out goods-in-transit insurance for their goods.

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