HIGH & HEAVY - For the green transition

HIGH & HEAVY - For the green transition

After several years of development, tests, and test-loadings, Axess Logistics has, with the Austrian vehicle producer Kässbohrer, developed a High & Heavy-trailer that lives up to the high standards of our customers and drivers.

It's not only about having space for high and heavy vehicles but also the broad, electric vehicles with heavy weight and the possibility to load trucks and passenger cars on the same trailers to make the transports as environmentally as possible.

This is the first trailer of its kind in Europe and it will make a big difference in total loadfactor, flexibility, work enironment and safety. The trailer is also compatible with alternative fuels such as hydrogen and electricity, which can decrease the climate footprint. With this trailer AXESS Logistics take the lead in European car transportation and is upfront in the adjustment to electrification and contribute to a less environmental impact.

Technical facts.
Lenght: 25,25 meters
Weight: 70 tons total weight
Load factor: 10 passenger cars, three electric trucks, and many more combinations.

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